Hope is a common feeling at this time of the year. It works as a ritual when we revisit all the year ending memories - both the good ones and the others - and we look forward to a much better New Year. I am not sure if you feel the same as me, I love this season, and can not help myself but day dream about all that is about to come.

The management committee and I wish a New Year full of achievements for the whole Brazilian community of Western Australia, and we want to be contribute as much as we can to make those possible. We know that the challenges of living in a foreign country are many, this is why we believe in building strong alliances and partnerships in all levels and in sharing the diversity of the Brazilian culture as mean to contribute to the social and professional development of the Brazilians who live in Western Australia.

In 2016 we will deliver our traditional Festa Junina, we will coordinate the Consulate activities planned for Western Australia, we will promote the integration of the Brazilian professionals, we will actively support the other organisations of our community... yet, we want to listen to you, we want to know you better, hence there will be an opportunity for us to work on those projects that are important for you, those ones valued by our current and future members. That is why 2016 starts with the invitation for each of you to connect with BrazilWA. Please respond to our surveys, send e-mails (info@brazilwa.com), and visit our webpage (http://brazilwa.com/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BrazilWA/).

We expect this year to be a key milestone for the development of BrazilWA as the authentic representative of the Brazilian community in Western Australia. We wish 2016 to be healthy, peaceful, loving, and wealthy!

Wilson Casado, President.
Management Committee.

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