On 26 October 2013, the Brazilian Association of Western Australia Incorporated had its official launch at the Australian-Asian Association. Among the guests, we had the presence of the Office of Multicultural Affairs' senator - Dr Michael Nahan. We also had representatives of the Department of Immigration, Brazilian businessmen, community leaders, the honorary consul of WA, Mr Henry Steingiesser, and our community members.

The seed of this Association was planted by Cema Santos over four years ago, during an informal discussion over a dinner table with Eliane Cunha da Silva.  From this conversation Juliana Areas joined the movement and on 22nd May 2010 the first public meeting was held.

On 8 March 2011, the association was registered.  All this was possible due to the effort and dedication of many volunteers that helped make this a reality. We thanks all former and current committee members, our volunteers, associate members and commercial partners.

Brazilians have lots to offer to the Australian community on our multicultural journey, we see ourselves as good role models living together and in harmony for over five centuries. We would like to call the Brazilian community in Perth to showcase and share our multicultural experience with the local community.


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The latest Census in 2011 recorded 14,509 Brazil-born people in Australia, an increase of 94% from the 2006 Census, and 12% (1,758) of those are living in Western Australia. This represents an increase of 460% (380) from 2001 Census of Brazil-born people in Western Australia.